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    30 Tips For Coping With A Migraine Hangover

    Migraines tear open your head and for sometimes your soul. Here's how some migraine sufferers deal with post-migraine misery.

    We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they deal with migraine hangovers.

    And just btw, this post isn't intended to offer medical advice. These are just the tricks and home remedies people have found to soothe them and provide some relief — physically, emotionally, or otherwise — after their migraines have passed. Be sure to check with your doctor before trying anything new for migraine prevention, relief, or recovery.

    Here are the things they said help them come back to life after a migraine.

    1. Drinking fluids and eating Taco Bell.

    2. SO MUCH SLEEP. And then all the junk food.

    —Spring Beck Richardson (Facebook)

    3. Wearing sunglasses indoors without shame.

    4. A warm shower followed by a comforting food.

    5. Taking a break from screens.

    6. Thanking sweet baby jesus that the pain has finally passed.

    7. Steak with sauteed spinach and a scalp massage.

    8. Motrin, water, caffeine, and extra sleep.

    9. Lots of food and a light jog.

    10. Visiting the chiropractor.

    11. A hot bath and a coke Slurpee.

    12. McDonald's followed by extremely spicy food.

    I usually go grab a cheeseburger and a small Sprite from McDonald's. It helps get something relatively bland and greasy into my stomach, the Sprite helps keep my stomach settled without adding any additional caffeine, like the Coke does.

    For the next day migraine hangover when I feel sluggish and as if I've been hit by a truck, I try to just take it easy on myself. I do go back to work as soon as the actual pain is gone, but I don't push it. Once I'm feeling more like myself, my last step in coping with migraine aftermath is to go have the spiciest food I can get my hands on. After that, I'm all better. Usually.

    —Suzanne Allison (Facebook)

    13. Broth-soaked rice and healing music.

    14. Getting back into physical activity very slowly.

    15. A doting partner. (With chocolate.)

    16. Canceling plans.

    17. Thanking loved ones for helping you cope.

    18. Walking the dog.

    19. Essential oils and prescription muscle relaxers.

    20. Mexican Coca-Cola.

    21. A mother's love.

    22. A sweet drink and a puppy to cuddle with.

    23. Coconut water popsicles.

    24. Tea tree oil hair treatment.

    25. A lavender bubble bath.

    26. Sadness-curing ice cream and Dr. Pepper.

    27. Practicing self-forgiveness and eating Chex Mix.

    28. A blanket fort and green tea.

    29. Dark chocolate and a mile run.

    30. Remembering that you have to let yourself get better.

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