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25 Delightfully Cozy Gifts For Anyone Who Hates Leaving The House

Why leave home when you can...not?

1. This spoon that is also the only to-do list that matters:

2. This portable hammock just for your feet:

3. A T-shirt that knows how to party:

4. These USB-powered heated footwarmers:

5. A phone case that makes a bold statement of self:

6. This T-shirt that just gets you:

7. And this one that's basically a five-word bio:

8. This bendy place mat that'll make any armrest a great place for a mug:

9. A mug that sums up homebody life:

10. A kit for making movie theater popcorn without leaving home:

11. A welcome mat displaying the price of admission:

$45 each. Get them here.

12. These slippers for more business-casual lazing:

13. This cute print that gets it:

14. A handsome tray that turns any lap into a desk:

15. This caddy that manages to make bathtime even more leisurely:

16. This pillow with a mission statement:

17. A bar cart that keeps boozy stuff organized and follows you anywhere:

18. A subscription to a sock of the month club:

Feet should be cozy and stylish, amirite? $12/month. Subscribe here.

19. Or a snack box of the month club:

20. This grown-up coloring kit for screen-free relaxation:

$13 for the coloring book and $12 for the pencils. Get the coloring book here and the pencils here.

21. Scented candles that will transform your home into a whole 'nother place:

Like a coffee shop or a campfire, for instance.

$18. Get them here.

22. A tabletop fireplace to cozy up any living room or yard:

23. A card that shows your homebody true love and acceptance:

24. A pillow for when it's time to get cuddly (with Netflix):

Until they make a plush iPad, how else are you going to snuggle up with your tablet?

$24. Get it here.

25. And finally these silk suitjamas for black-tie relaxation:

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