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What Would You Tell Your Migraines If You Could Write Them A Letter?

Tell it off once and for all.

We can all agree that migraines are the actual worst.

But everyone's migraine is terrible in different ways.

So, tell us: If you could write a letter to your migraine, what would it say?

Would you tell your migraines all about how they've been total life-ruiners emotionally and physiologically?

Or would beg them to please choose between vomiting and diarrhea? Because honestly, having both feels like overkill.

Or maybe you'd list every single life event and social occasion they've forced you to miss.

Maybe you'd use the opportunity to stand up to your migraines and tell them you're THIS CLOSE to finding a preventive med that more or less renders them powerless.

Maybe you'd just beg them not to show up during finals ever again.

Whether you're feeling angry and vengeful, empowered and tough, or sad, drained, and ready to throw yourself at the mercy of your migraines, we want to hear about it.

Tell us (in a paragraph or less) what you want to say to your migraine, and your note could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.