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Tell Us If A Book Changed Your Life Forever

If it changed the game for your body, mind, feelings, sex life, spirit, soul, we want to hear about it!

Did you read a book that totally changed your outlook on your life?

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And it's the thing you recommend far and wide or re-read all the damn time or hang onto a copy of just in case you need to revisit its wisdom?

Maybe you read a self-help book that gave you some guidance on how to think about your feelings and/or problems.

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Or provided concrete ideas for ways to troubleshoot, or convinced you to seek professional help?

Or perhaps you read a book about food or nutrition that changed your whole relationship to eating.

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Maybe it was about how to stop counting calories and become an intuitive eater or maybe it was something that gave you some insight into food intolerances or gave some helpful tips about how to learn to cook for yourself.

Or, did you read something that totally helped you step up your game in terms of exercise, fitness, or movement? / Via

Like maybe there was a book about exercising or a guide to different workouts, or maybe a biography about a kickass athlete that made you think about or do exercise differently (or at all).

Perhaps there was a book about love, relationships, sex, etc. that helped you level up your romantic game. / Via

Maybe it was a book that helped you understand your partner or made dating less frustrating or helped you after a breakup.

Or a book on something totally different that we haven't mentioned here that taught you actual things about your health.

Including surviving cataclysmic events!

So tell us: What book changed your whole damn life when it comes to your emotional/physical/sexual/spiritual health?

Use the comments below to tell us what it is, why you love it, why people should check it out, and how it changed your life.

Your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.