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Tell Us About Your Dream Food Pyramid

Would the base be made of pizza, tacos, or just straight-up cheese?

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You're probably familiar with the food pyramid. It was released by the FDA in 1992 (and actually replaced in 2005 with MyPlate).

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It's meant to illustrate the healthiest way to incorporate different food groups into your diet, with the healthier stuff making up the bulk of what you eat.

We want to know: What would your ideal — your dream! — food pyramid consist of?

Maybe your ideal diet is built on a solid foundation of ice cream, with a burrito food group and a cheese food group. Or maybe it actually does have some fresh veggies and fruit in it. Or maybe it's something totally esoteric and personal to you. No matter what, we want to know!


So tell us what makes up your ideal food pyramid. You can describe it or sketch it out.

Use words, pictures, or some combo — your choice! Just make sure you give us all the detail so we know exactly what your pyramid would look like. And finally, remember to dream big — who's to say that Taco Bell shouldn't comprise the bulk of your daily diet?

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