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12 Incredible Abs Exercises You Should Know

Everything you need to do to get a stronger core without doing a single solitary crunch. For everyone from fitness rookie to hardcore exerciser.

A strong, stable core will help your body do incredible things.

We asked a trainer to come up with 12 awesome abs exercises to help you with that.

A couple notes before you get started:

Beginner Moves:

1. Bicycle Kicks

2. Plank With Shoulder Touch

3. V-Hold

4. Rowboat


5. Prone Pike

6. Body Saw

7. Mountain Climber

8. Plank With Feet On Stability Ball


9. Wrestler sit-up

10. Knee-Up With Stability Ball

11. Iron Cross Hold

12. Renegade Row

Get to it and get ready for all the incredible things you'll do with a stronger core!

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