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    These 29 Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape

    Including quick workouts, smoothie recipes, pre-workout snack ideas, yoga, how to become a runner, and more.

    1. For something to munch on during your next hike.

    2. For opening up your hips.

    3. For creating smoothie snack packs to grab and go.

    4. For tying your sneakers just right.

    5. For exercising to a beat.

    6. For dropping it like it's squat.

    7. For challenging yourself to 14 straight days of physical activity.

    8. For staying hydrated:

    9. For a quick one-dumbbell workout.

    10. For fueling like a CrossFitter.

    11. For a quick (but killer) total-body workout that focuses on your core.

    12. For getting loose and preventing injury.

    13. For compiling the runner's starter kit.

    14. For chilling the f*ck out on your rest day.

    15. For a tough (but doable) resistance band workout.

    16. For learning what makes great pre-workout fuel.

    17. For picking out the perfect pair of running shoes.

    18. For making your core exercises harder.

    19. For mastering a classic movement.

    20. For help hitting all your major muscle groups.

    21. For figuring out what to eat before your 30- to 60-minute run.

    22. For a medicine ball workout with plenty of jumping.

    23. For a running workout that challenges speed and endurance.

    24. For packing your gym bag like a pro.

    25. For a high-intensity strength and conditioning workout:

    26. For improving your balance.

    27. For breathing techniques that help you get more from your workout.

    28. For becoming a runner in 30 days.

    29. For when you need another reason to work out. And another one after that.

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