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These 29 Diagrams Are All You Need To Get In Shape

Including quick workouts, smoothie recipes, pre-workout snack ideas, yoga, how to become a runner, and more.

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4. For tying your sneakers just right.

He and She Eat Clean / Via

Okay, so it might seem like lacing is all about aesthetics, but experimenting with different ways to lace can eliminate fit problems and make your shoes way comfier during running and workouts. Learn more at He and She Eat Clean.


11. For a quick (but killer) total-body workout that focuses on your core.

Chris Ritter / Via

If you need to squeeze in a quick workout at home, while traveling, or when you don't have access to a gym, quick but effective bodyweight workouts are where it's at. Find more from our roundup of bodyweight workouts.


20. For help hitting all your major muscle groups.

NR Project / Via

Learn the ropes and have all the info you need to be able to say stuff like "Tomorrow's leg day," "My quads so tight!" and "Anyone know a good hamstring stretch?" The more you know.


22. For a medicine ball workout with plenty of jumping.

Presley Salmon / Via

This quick workout will challenge your explosive power and probably your mental toughness. Get full instructions from Run Pretty.

23. For a running workout that challenges speed and endurance.

Jenny Chang / Via

Why do the same ol' steady-pace run when you can mix it up with surges? If that's not your scene, we have nine other running workouts to spice up your routine.


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