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The 14th Factory: An Exhibit Like No Other

Reasons why you should visit The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, California

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The 14th Factory is a true product of passion sprouted from the creativity of a cancer survivor.

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In 2007, Simon Birch was diagnosed with brain cancer and told he had a mere six months to live. After beating cancer the following year, Birch seized the opportunity to open up an engaging, multi-media exhibit which he funded by selling all his personal belongings and even borrowing money.

Birch's battle with cancer is an apparent theme throughout The 14th Factory.

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In the room pictured above, 64 different crowns are put on display. While the exhibition is beautiful on its own, the crowns are actually a representation of the mask Birch had to wear during his radiotherapy treatment with the number of crowns being the number of radiation blasts he received.

The exhibit includes the work of collaborating artists from China, Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Upon entry, you can already tell that this is not your regular museum.

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The exhibit begins with visitors walking through a long, dark hallway in which the only light source is shining on an art piece (pictured above). In fact, you will find yourself in the dark quite a bit during your visit here.

Ambient sounds play in the background, and they really set the mood.


The lighting isn't the only unique thing about the exhibit. Different music and sounds are played throughout different areas to really enhance the artistic experience.

You will not only be looking at art, but you will be walking through it.

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The 14th Factory is more than just a museum, it's an experience. Visitors venture through cinematographic replicas and uneven grass fields, becoming immersed in the art they're consuming.

You'll watch videos in ways you've never thought of before.

Feel the perceived movement as the camera pans up tall apartment buildings or watch a red Ferrari get destroyed across several screens.

The longevity of The 14th Factory is dependent on the funding it receives, so go support by making a visit!

Instagram: @the14thfactory

You can purchase a ticket online ($18) or at-the-door ($22) with discounts available for youth, students, seniors, and active military personnel.

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