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17 Things Vegetarians In The South Have To Deal With

Where even the vegetables are made with ham.

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3. But then you feel guilty saying no when someone goes out of their way to make something that you can't eat.

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Southern hospitality is a real thing and having to say that you can't eat something your friend's mom made is literally the most painful thing you had to do as a kid.


8. When you're at a cookout and everyone is hogging the only vegetarian sides you can actually eat.


Like, if you get to eat all of those ribs and burgers and pulled pork, AT LEAST LEAVE ME SOME POTATO SALAD. This is actually probably universal to vegetarians everywhere.


12. When someone in the backyard puts vegetables where the meat was on the grill and now you can't eat anything.


This is probably also universal, but grills rule in the South so this definitely happened to you more than anyone else.

14. When you really wish people would get more creative with vegetarian proteins but you're afraid to even ask.

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"When can I expect smoked seitan ribs to make an appearance on your menu?" "LEAVE."