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    20 Walmart Products That’ll Help You Get Your Home Holiday-Ready In Record Time

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas candle to keep the spirits bright.

    1. An artificial spruce wreath with LED lights that can add a classic Christmas touch over a mantle. The lights can stay on or be set to a timer for cheer just when you need it.

    The wreath on a wall

    2. A set of 50 shatterproof ball ornaments so your tree can stay on theme without any devastating accidents from furry roommates or tiny little hands.

    The balls on a shelf in red and white

    3. A new set of sheets because your in-laws decided to come after all and your guest bedroom could use an upgrade. Or treat yourself to fresh sheets as a gift for all your hard work hosting, cooking, gifting, or just making it through the year.

    The sheets on a bed

    4. A seasonal winter tree doormat so you can greet your guests and bring holiday vibes from the minute they walk in the door.

    The doormat

    5. A classic velvet Christmas stocking to hang by the chimney with care in hopes your loved ones will take the hint to stock it with all your favorite things this year.

    The stocking

    6. A string of twinkling icicle lights that will make your neighbors melt with jealousy over how your house *sparkles.* The white cord blends in to add to the effect and one strand has 300 LED lights.

    The lights on a house

    7. A set of decorative yellow light bulb pillows to light up your Hallmark and chill movie nights leading up to the big day.

    The pillows on a sofa

    8. A pre-lit 7.5-foot Christmas tree because it's 2023 and no one has the time (or energy!) to deal with a tangled mess of lights. Assemble, plug in, and your Christmas tree is ready for gifts.

    The tree in a room

    9. A set of four pillows that don't *scream* any particular holiday, so they can bring the joy all through those cold winter months.

    The pillows

    10. A set of six kitchen towels in a red and green plaid to attempt to keep spirits high during dreaded post-holiday-meal clean-up.

    red and green plaid kitchen towel on table

    11. A Pioneer Woman stoneware platter set that can showcase all the hard work you put in on this year's holiday dinner, but also isn't over-the-top Christmassy, so you can use it throughout the year.

    12. A set of four pint glasses to add *cheers* to your holiday cocktail parties or pre-game festivities. Keep things jolly with your favorite seasonal beer or cocktail.

    The glasses on a table with decor

    13. A Shark robot vacuum that'll make your holiday hosting duties easier. This will map out your floor plan and at a press of a button, your no-energy-to-clean-up troubles will be out of sight.

    The robot vacuum

    14. A set of bottle brush trees with LED lights so every corner, tabletop, or other forgotten surface can look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go in your house.

    The trees

    15. A plaid fleece throw blanket to settle in for that long winter's nap. The neutral plaid can hang on your sofa all winter to keep you cozy and warm.

    The throw blanket on a chair

    16. A scented candle if all you want for Christmas is for your house to smell like a warm, holiday hug. It comes in a neutral tree ceramic so you can keep the fire burning long after the last present is unwrapped.

    The candle with decor

    17. A seasonal soap dispenser that'll give your hallway half bath a winter wonderland vibe. Make things extra festive by filling it up with your favorite holiday scented hand soap.

    The gingerbread soap dispenser on a counter

    18. A set of 10 candy cane pathway lights so Santa can find his way to your door. These red and green lights give a fun twist on an iconic holiday fave. They come with eight lighting modes too, so you can customize your own lil' light show at night.

    red, green, and white candy cane pathway lights at night

    19. A set of two Pioneer Woman baking dishes to elevate Grandma's famous potato casserole recipe this year. (Or, we won't tell if you transfer that store-bought mac and cheese to pass off as your own.)

    The dishes with food on a table

    20. A Christmas tree storage bag that fits up to a 7.5-foot tree. Just disassemble, pack, and zip up for safekeeping until you're ready to rock around it again next year.

    The bag in a living room

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