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20 Festive Decor Items From Target To Spruce Up Your Home For The Holidays

Make a list, check it twice, we promise this decor is nice.

1. A quilted stocking to hang by the fireside. Go monochromatic or alternate red and green for a classic Christmas color scheme.

A green stocking hanging on a mantle

2. A pre-lit Christmas tree because no one wants to tangle with lights when you could skip straight to the good part. All you'll have to do is unpack, plug in, and decorate!

the decorated tree with presents underneath

3. A holiday plaid table runner that can serve as an IG-worthy backdrop for your festive feast. (Shh! No one has to know if mom cooked the whole thing or not.)

The table runner on a table with decor

4. A Christmas tree soap dispenser that doubles as decor and a practical way to spread holiday cheer, not germs, at your family gatherings.

The soap dispenser on a sink counter with decor

5. A festive bath mat because every corner of your house deserves to get into the holiday spirit.

The bath mat

6. A decorative wreath that brings classic style indoors over a mantle or outdoors to greet guests when they walk in your door.

The wreath on a door

7. A plaid throw pillow that adds the perfect pop of cozy Christmas vibes that will fit into any holiday decor, from classic to neutral.

The pillow on a chair in a living room

8. A woven Christmas tree collar that will ground your tree and won't compete for attention with that cute holiday wrapping paper you've been waiting to debut.

The tree collar on a tree with gifts and toys around it

9. A set of candy cane pathway lights because you're more Griswold than Grinch and want your neighbors to know it. Reviewers talk about getting enough to line their whole driveway.

The candy cane lights

10. A six-foot artificial garland that is perfect to add to your console table, TV stand, or table, and will really ~liven up~ the place.

The garland

11. A tree skirt that will help you achieve that holly jolly vintage Christmas vibe with its classic red and white design.

The tree skirt

12. A set of two light-up stocking holders that will really make spirits bright around the fire (or wherever you hang your stockings)!

The stocking holders

13. A stoneware snowflake serving platter that gets the seasonal message across without being too in-your-face. Serve apps or desserts, or use the tray as a catchall to spruce up your entryway.

The platter on a table with food on it

14. A short glass tumbler if all you want for Christmas is a good cocktail. Grab a set and liven up the festivities with a Naughty or Nice drink-making competition.

The glass on a counter with a drink inside

15. A cable-knit throw blanket to bring you real comfort and joy as you settle in for that Hallmark movie marathon.

The blanket on a sofa with a pillow on it

16. A forest fir-scented candle to trick your guests into thinking that the faux tree in the corner is the real deal. Bonus: use this glass vessel as decor long after the candle is gone!

The candle on a table

17. A festive kitchen towel, because even doing the (many, many piles of) dishes can bring cheer this holiday season.

The towel on a kitchen counter

18. A holiday plate so you can have yourself a merry little Christmas dessert, night after night — just make sure you share with Santa!

The plate on a table with a table setting

19. A set of six bottle brush trees that come in a rainbow of color gradients to bring ~merry and bright~ vibes into whatever this year's Christmas theme may be.

The trees in green on a mantle

20. A holiday doormat to put your best festive foot forward from the minute your guests walk into your home.

The doormat outside a door

The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.