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Tell Us The Most Annoying Trope That Is Constantly Shown In High School Movies And TV Shows

I think it's time to retire the "high school teacher dates student" trope.

If you’re anything like me, then you thoroughly enjoy watching teen dramas and teen movies any chance you can, no matter how cringey they may sometimes be.

Side by side photo of Brittany Broski looking disgusted then Archie and Veronica from "Riverdale" and then Brittany Broski looking surprised

But as much as we love them, you have to admit that they often display super unrealistic tropes that are way too overused.

So I want to know: What common trope is always shown in high school movies and TV shows that you’re tired of seeing?

Maybe you're tired of seeing the "ugly" character suddenly become "hot" once they take off their glasses and get rid of their braces.

Comparison of Laney in her glasses and then Laney without her glasses and with makeup on in "She's All That"

Or you're tired of seeing relationships between students and teachers come across as "relationship goals" and wish they'd stop already because it's considered sexual harassment.

Aria and Ezra looking at each other in a classroom on "Pretty Little Liars"

Perhaps you're tired of seeing people getting married (or attempting to get married) while still in high school, because that rarely happens in real life.

Finn and Rachel from "Glee" about to get married in a church

Or maybe you’re beyond ready for the day Hollywood decides to ditch the buff 30-year-old playing a teen and actually, IDK, hires a teen.

Whatever it is, let us know! Tell us in the comments below about a trope you constantly see in high school movies/TV shows that you are tired of seeing. The best responses will be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community article.