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What Are Some Things That Happen Constantly In Rom-Coms That Almost Never Happen In Real Life?

What are some things that make you go, "That's cute but totally unrealistic"?

I've always loved watching a good rom-com no matter how cringey they can get. I don't know, something about two fictional characters falling in love really brings me joy.

But as lovely as rom-coms can be, there tend to be so many unrealistic depictions of how relationships actually work.

So we want to know — what are some things that happen in almost every rom-com that rarely ever happen in real life?

Like placing any form of bet about a potential love interest and then still getting together despite finding out about the bet.

Or the overly complicated love triangle where the main character doesn't know whether to choose the guy who is her perfect match on paper or the one she has fallen in love with out of nowhere.

Or even something as simple but overly dramatic as kissing in the rain.

Let us know what you think are some unrealistic things that always seem to happen in rom-coms (but never in real life) in the comments below! The best responses will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.