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17 People Shared Their Tips For Taking Care Of Natural Hair And Wow, I've Learned So Much


We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community for haircare tips for Black natural hair and they delivered. Here are the best responses.

Note: These tips and tricks might not work for everyone.

1. Avoid overusing heat.

Female salon owner straightening hair of female client in salon

2. You don't need to lay your edges every single day.

Cropped shot of a beautiful young woman styling her hair in her bathroom

3. Wash, detangle, and moisturize your hair in sections for an easier wash day.

Black mother styling hair of daughter on staircase

4. Sometimes it's worth splurging on haircare products instead of getting what's cheaper.

Cantu leave-in conditioner and PATTERN leave-in conditioner

5. Braid your hair at night in a few braids to avoid extreme tangling.

6. Put leave-in conditioner in your hair before detangling.

Mid adult African-American woman detangles wet natural hair with comb

7. Deep-condition your hair regularly.

8. Don't forget to grease your scalp.

9. Water is one of the best ingredients to use for your hair.

Water splash

10. Don't wash your hair every single day.

Woman washing hair showering in bathroom at home.

11. Use a T-shirt to dry your hair instead of a towel.

12. Keep your hair in protective styles so you aren't messing with it as much.

Teenage girl with multicolored nail polish and braid hairstyle

13. Learn how to do low-manipulation styles to help with hair growth.

14. Getting your hair trimmed is super important.

15. Taking small steps can make a big difference in your hair growth and health.

Portrait of a young woman brushing her hair at home

16. Invest in a good hair mask.

17. Finally, stop using coconut oil.

There are so many other useful tips out there so if you have one that wasn't listed, let us know what it is in the comments below! Make sure you head here for more of our Black History month coverage!