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What Are Your Ultimate Dating And Marriage Unpopular Opinions?

Don't be shy: Drop those opinions in the comments!

Dating and marriage are huge parts of most people's lives, so it's not unexpected that there are many debates and opinions about the topic.

Carl and Ellie on their wedding day in "Up"

So we want to know: What are some of your super-unpopular opinions about dating and marriage?

Maybe you don't think anyone should ever marry their high school sweetheart, no matter how long they've been together, because they've never experienced a life or emotional connection with anyone else, and they don't know what they're potentially missing.

Or maybe you genuinely think that posting your partner on social media is a crucial part of a relationship because it shows you care and want the world to know you're together.

Maybe you're someone who believes in the "third date" rule, i.e. you always expect sex by the third date, and if you don't get it you'll immediately call it quits on the relationship.

Phoebe telling Chandler she's looking forward to having sex in "Friends"

Perhaps you think that the "dating to marry" idea is outdated and could lead to people settling instead of being happy.

Two woman on their wedding day dancing

Or maybe you're the type of person who thinks having a joint bank account with your spouse is a terrible idea that could lead to arguments down the line.

A couple arguing

It's time to speak your mind and get these unpopular opinions off your chest! Tell us your controversial dating and marriage opinions — and why you think them — in the comments below. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community article.