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    I'm No Dating Expert But These 32 People Should Probably Delete Their Dating Profile ASAP

    I have so much secondhand embarrassment right now.

    1. This guy who thought people would follow his ridiculous requests without discussing it first:

    2. This convo that was more cringe than funny:

    3. This person who would bend their morals just for a night in bed:

    4. This person who went wayyyyyy too far on just the first message:

    5. This person who might've just taken this "joke" a little too far:

    6. This guy who thinks this is peak flirting:

    7. This person who just wanted to get right down to it:

    8. This person who just couldn't get the joke:

    9. This guy who somehow isn't afraid to share his weird fetishes with the world:

    10. This person who unfortunately has no shame showing their weird kinks:

    wtf from Tinder

    11. This person who gets a 0/10 on their opening message:

    12. This person who just doesn't understand how to flirt at all:

    13. This person who clearly can't handle rejection:

    14. This person clearly wasn't interested yet kept responding anyway:

    15. This guy who just recycles pickup lines and doesn't care if he gets caught doing so:

    16. This person who actually used the word bosom:

    17. This person who doesn't realize that people have lives outside of their dating app matches:

    18. This person who for some reason couldn't keep their unnecessary comment to themselves:

    19. This person who's maybe just a little too honest:

    20. This person who just jumps right to it without at least introducing himself first:

    21. This person who doesn't understand that maybe calling people dumb isn't the compliment they thought it was:

    22. This person who clearly doesn't have any boundaries:

    23. This person who doesn't know that they can't just tell people what to do:

    24. This person whose message comes off as both confusing and disturbing:

    25. This person who definitely got the wrong advice on what girls like:

    26. This person who makes me wonder why men are they way that they are:

    27. This person who thought this was a way to persuade someone to get a Snapchat:

    28. This person who should've picked a better —less creepy— opening line:

    29. This person who is a perfect example of how to NOT handle rejection:

    30. This person who embarrassingly doesn't realize that no answer is in fact an answer:

    31. This person who dove right into the deep end and still missed:

    32. And finally, this guy who needs to log off and forget his Tinder password: