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Why Do So Many Students Hate School?

We all experience it. Some realize it, some don't.

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Why Do So Many Students Hate School?

It's incredibly restricting.

It's not that we hate learning. Students understand that learning is essential to survival and makes life more interesting. Knowledge is power, and that is well understood by students.

What most students and people hate is being forced to learn things they don't care about, aren't interested in, and probably won't even need, in ways that do not work for them. Especially in high school, students should be allowed to discover themselves and curate their education.

The system churns out robots. Everybody has their own special interests that they yearn to learn about and excel in, but school says “the hell with those, everybody learns this, and if you don't, then you're uneducated and we’ll hold back the piece of paper you need to get a job or further your ‘education’. The system is not built for leadership.

Everybody also has their own learning style, whether it's by listening, watching, doing, or any of the others, everybody has their own.

If you take a group of people and tell them they must all learn the same thing in the same way, and if you ignore their individual ways that makes them who they are, they're bound to hate it.

The current schools systems creates teenage zombies; they all do the same thing at the same rate, not allowing each student to discover themselves. Example: At the first National Honor Society meeting of the year, I overheard a girl next to me saying, "Im doing NHS because I heard it looks good on college applications." So your telling me that thats different than the rest of the 200 students in the room who are also in NHS, have a high GPA, are in AP classes, have high SAT scores, are in 5 clubs, 4 honor societies, play sports, and an instrument? Come on.

Oh, and not to mention the loss of sleep, the stress, the anxiety, and having no time for yourself, causing an extreme burnout. And most of the time that can stop a students motivation to chase their own dreams.

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