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The 12 Hottest Sailor Jerry Pin-ups

The inked up babes featured in the Sailor Jerry Pin-up calendar are smoking hot. Take a look at some of the ladies who could easily have you wrapped around their fingers.

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  • 1. Miss January: Ricky

    Miss January: Ricky

  • 2. Miss February: Jessica

    Miss February: Jessica

  • 3. Miss March: Leah

    Miss March: Leah

  • 4. Miss April: Anna Maria

    Miss April: Anna Maria

  • 5. Miss May: Kelly

    Miss May: Kelly

  • 6. Miss June: Leeann

    Miss June: Leeann

  • 7. Miss July: Erin

    Miss July: Erin

  • 8. Miss August: Maria

    Miss August: Maria

  • 9. Miss September: Sarah

    Miss September: Sarah

  • 10. Miss October: Michelle

    Miss October: Michelle

  • 11. Miss November: Sarah

    Miss November: Sarah

  • 12. Miss December: Laydi Marie

    Miss December: Laydi Marie