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11 Things Legends Do When They Get The Flu

Pls don't.

Getting the flu sucks. Giving it to everyone else sucks harder.

It's that wonderful time of the year when half the people you know are in Europe and the other half are battling off the flu. Winter is a fun time to be a human in Australia.

Sooner or later, you'll be the next domino that falls down with the flu. Awesome.

During this tough time, here's how you can be the real MVP and prevent giving it to everyone else.

1. Go see a doctor.

2. And if the doctor prescribes you medicine, make sure you finish the course.

3. Call in sick.

4. Wash your hands regularly.

5. Use tissues to cover your mouth.

6. Clean all the things.

7. Know what symptoms to look out for.

8. Keep a close eye on kids.

9. Keep your distance.

10. Rethink using cash.

11. Just take it easy.

All facts used in this post were provided by SA Health.

With the flu season upon us, be a legend and look after yourself and the people around you. Visit SA Health for more information on influenza and how to prevent spreading it this winter.