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    These Women Tried Period Panties And Thought They Were Pretty Cool

    "I thought it was going to be like a ShamWow!"

    That time of the month is never easy. It's wet, it smells, and everything sucks. So why not have some lovely women try out period panties to see if they make anything easier?

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    Period panties have recently emerged into the menstruation scene, and they claim to catch anything and everything that goes in them.

    After getting their hands on the underwear, they all realized it felt a little...carpet-y.

    On they go.

    The women had their doubts, but they were all pleasantly surprised at how much they worked.

    Going to the bathroom, however, was a completely different, gruesome story.

    And as for Jen, well, she was having issues of her own.

    In the end, many of the participants were changed women minus the pad feeling.

    Are you down to try?