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We Tried Vintage Period Belts And Now We Are Grateful AF For Tampons

"It's kind of erotic in a way."

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Even in 2016, periods are a blessing (for some of us) and a curse. So much pain. So much carnage. A few of the women of Ladylike and our gal pal Ingrid Nilsen decided to try out vintage sanitary

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The ladies grabbed some pads from 1975, sanitary belts, and a cutout from a 1960s magazine teaching women how to deal with Aunt Flo.

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Needless to say, these anti-bulge contraptions were confusing as hell. WHERE IS THE FRONT?!

Let's be real: Chantel knew the ways of the belt.

"This is the sexiest we've ever looked." GET IT, LADIES.

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Ingrid even got the gift of a tail.

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All in all, we ladies would just like to say, "Thank God we live in 2016." #Blessed.

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