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    We Made Our Own Clothes And Realized We're Independent Women Who Can't Be Messed With

    "I just want a Jedi hoodie."

    It takes real skills to make your own clothes. So Ladylike decided to see if they had what it took to do it, and things got a little pokey:

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    It turned out that none of the girls had experience in making their own clothes.

    But with some help from Ashton Michael, these ladies would become the next Tom Ford.

    First, the ladies needed to find their fabric...

    ...keeping all of their fashion goals in mind.

    And after learning how to use the sewing machine and cutting out the outline of their outfits... was time to get to work. Michael left them to get started, but things became a little frustrating.

    But these girls were not going to give up.

    And by the end of the week, Michael came back to check in and see how they we were doing. With a few final touches, the ladies were ready to show off their work.

    And gave...

    ...all of us...

    So, lady tested? Ladies would definitely do it again but not anytime soon.