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Women Try A Diva Cup For The First Time

"It's like a phantom in my vagina."

We found a bunch of women who had never tried a menstrual cup before to give it a shot for a week while on their periods.

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For most of the women, tampons or pads are their main form of defense against the crimson tide.

But it was that time of the month, and they were interested in trying out the Diva Cup.

The first order of business was folding it up into a nice vagina-sized bite.

Let's just say they weren't too enthused about sticking it all up inside their body.

"It's really nice now, when it's not, you know, covered in red, mucous-y blood."

The women were a little worried because it was bigger than they thought it would be. They also weren't sure how they'd know when to change it out.

But it was time to stick it up there.

"Engaging Kegels now."

"How do you relax your vagina muscles?"

Finally, they got it in.

They were pretty concerned because once it was in, they couldn't feel it at all!

"Basically, I put it in there and my vagina was like *suction noise*."

From there, they went about their day.

As the day wore on, they started to worry about how they were going to get it out.

Luckily, after a week of using it, they got the hang of it!

"It's just like a tampon. You don't feel it, and it just seems pretty convenient."