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    Tall Girls Wore Heels For A Week And Decided It Was Kinda Cool

    "You're like a GIANT!"

    We asked a bunch of tall girls to wear heels for a week, and this is what happened:

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    Some of the girls felt confident with their height and weren't worried about wearing heels.

    In fact, they were kind of excited to wear them for the week.

    But this woman wasn't too stoked, as she tries to downplay her height.

    She admitted to feeling insecure about being taller than her boyfriend.

    But it was time to get taller!

    Right away it was kind of fun that they were pretty much as tall as the tallest guy in the office.

    But they also learned that certain things were going to be a lot harder this week. Like, using the toilet for example.

    But there were some perks, too.

    And, turns out this guy kinda liked when his girlfriend was taller than him!

    The pain and impracticality of the shoes seemed to the be the worst part.

    But overall, it was a really empowering experience and many of the girls said they are going to start wearing heels more often.