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Things To Consider And Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Handicapped Shower

Handicapped people need some special arrangements inside the showers to achieve easy accessibility as well as minimum risk factors.

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Installing a Handicapped Shower San Antonio is a tricky subject that needs to put in place a lot of considerations. Once accomplished, you will find it the perfect place for a safe and comfortable shower experience for physically challenged individuals. Here are the things you must consider and the mistakes you must avoid in designing a handicapped shower.

Different aspects of an accessibility shower

An accessibility shower refers to the optimized shower featuring the different design elements that will work well for every person using it. The outcome of such a project is a highly user-friendly shower that everyone will admire and feel happy about. Here are the different aspects you will have to work on to get an accessible shower.

Make the entry and exit easy for all the users right from normal people to those who use a wheelchair for moving in and out of the bathroom.

Ensure that every person can find it easy to access the shower controls, water and toiletries while standing as well as while seated.

You can go for a permanently installed shower seat like a flip-up style seat so that the seat can be moved out of the way if required. Alternatively, you can think of providing adequate space for a portable shower seat.

Work on the flooring to make it skid-resistant. Also go for shower controls that can be operated easily like a single lever style. Install grab bars and handholds to hold on for additional balance and support.

Mistakes to avoid

Though you might be careful in working on every aspect intending to get an accessible bathroom, you might often forget some simple things. Here are the mistakes you must avoid while executing an accessibility shower.

Do not install walls on both sides of the shower seat which will make it difficult or impossible for persons who cannot walk to reach the shower seat.

Do not install a few-inches tall threshold at the shower stall entrance. You may go for a flush or curb-less style shower. If there are thresholds, persons using a walker or wheelchair will find it difficult to enter the shower space.

Do not fix the shower head too far from the shower seat which will make it impossible or difficult for seated user to sit under the running water during a bath.

Do not install the shower controls far away from the shower seat which will mean the seated user cannot access the turn on and off and temperature controls easily.

Do not fix the toiletries holder away from the shower seat.

Never select the shower equipment without considering the way a person performs the transfers so that the fixtures cause disturbance to the movements of the disabled user.

Do not forget to provide enough moving space inside the shower stall and the bathroom so that the wheelchair can easily move inside the bathroom.

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