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Why You'll Never Be Able To Forget Your First Car

It wasn't perfect, but it was yours. And that's all that mattered. Brought to you by SafeAuto.

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Within each of us lies a desire to explore the unexplored.

Remember that time you tried to run away from home as a kid? Remember how ridiculous that was?


It's because you were curious. You needed answers, but you weren't even sure what the question was.

All we wanted was freedom. Which finally came, one fateful day.


For us, getting our first car was the start of a new life.

OK, OK, so maybe it was more like this. Whatever. You get the point.


It doesn't matter if it wasn't the flashiest car on the block. What mattered was that it belonged to you. And that it worked.

After a while, it began to feel like that old car was made for you.


Every subtle bump as you started the car, the way the mirrors were positioned... this thing was yours.

When you drove it anywhere, it was more like a dance than anything.


You'd move, and it would respond in turn. And vice versa. It was beautiful.

We had the best of times with that first car.

We also had the worst of times.


But we never, ever gave up on our car. We persevered together.

Together, we saw some incredible things that we'd never forget.

But, eventually, the day came where we needed to move on.


All good things must come to an end. Its time had come.

Even though we may be driving different cars now, we know our first car can never truly be replaced.


That thing was awesome. Never forget.