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11 Causes Of Road Rage And How To Not Lose Your Mind

It's not your fault that everyone else is the worst! SafeAuto knows you and your car are pretty much perfect. That being said, here's how to deal with the pains of being a perfect driver.

1. That car with the obscenely loud stereo that just had to pull up next to you.

2. When you really need to pee, but there are absolutely no gas stations or rest areas to be found.

3. Pedestrians who have no regard for your time.

4. When you just can't get past a single stop light.

5. People who decide to wait until the last minute to merge.

6. When you get stuck in gridlock traffic after work.

7. People who don't know what the fast lane is for.

8. Slow drivers in general.

9. When someone decides to tailgate you, for whatever reason.

10. People who can't drive in a little rain.

11. People who don't understand the concept of "right on red."