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    Hrvy Lyrics Quiz

    Only real HRVY fans will be able to get 100% on this quiz. Will you?

    1. Every time you disappear

    2. every time she moves on

    3. and its like a movie

    4. all the girls drive by

    5. i felt greedy

    6. is it my imagination

    7. afraid of a broken heart

    8. you hit me like a wave

    9. youll be here with me

    10. i though i was strong

    11. i dont know enough about love

    12. love hate no inbetween

    13. who broke up with who

    14. two hearts make one heart

    15. you show me how to love my flaws

    16. im not gonna say goodbye

    17. 3am and the bars are all closed

    18. cancel my subscription

    19. always youll be my fantasy

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