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Things Nobody Tells You About Dating A Car Obsessed Guy

It’s safe to say I attract a certain type of guy. From my first dating experiences through adulthood it seems every guy who has been seriously interested in me has also had a bigger interest: cars. True, some are mechanics or own their own shops, but some just use it as a hobby. Regardless, there are definitely some things I learned that I wish I would have known prior to these adventures.

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If he’s the first of your group to get his license, you fear for your life.

A guy's obsession with cars typically starts long before he has the ability to drive one, and if he just so happens to be the oldest in your group of friends, chances are he will acquire a driver's license before any of you. This thought may terrify you depending on how responsible he is behind the wheel.

He will crash his carS.

Yes that is plural for a reason. More than once you will be sent a text with a picture of a mangled up automobile and your only response will be "AGAIN?!" Yes. Again.

You will be lost during 90% of the conversations he initiates with you.

Excuse me while I make a dictionary for the first few months of our relationship so I can actually know what you're talking about!

You will become fiercely loyal to his car brand of choice.

I have to admit much of my obsession with Ford has less to do with the fact I drive a Fusion SE and more to do with the fact that I've had "FORD WINS" in the great Ford vs. Chevy truck debate pounded into my head by every guy I've been with.

I have to admit much of my obsession with Ford has less to do with the fact I drive a Fusion SE and more to do with the fact that I've had "FORD WINS" in the great Ford vs. Chevy truck debate pounded into my head by every guy I've been with.

Saturdays take on new meaning.

Gone are the days of strolling through the mall looking for your next date night outfit. Instead, your weekends are spent in the garage with him and his friends while they rebuild their latest find, on road trips tracking down that one SPECIFIC carbo-something-or-other, or at a track enjoying races (which he may or may not be participating in).

You will get offended when he leaves you out of activities he deems “too dangerous” for you.

What do you mean I can't come drag racing with you and your friends at 3 am?!?!

But you will quickly learn he has your best interest at heart when you wake up to scary texts in the middle of the night telling you he’s at the hospital.

Damn drifting stunts in the middle of Ohio winters.

You’ll become slightly obsessed with his favorite movie.

One of my favorite movie series, Fast and Furious, was actually introduced to me by one of these car obsessed guys and now I've seen all of them AT LEAST 4 dozen times.

You are introduced to a new video game series: Grand Theft Auto.

Which, to my surprise and despite things I'd heard, does not necessarily ONLY involve stealing police cars and running over prostitutes, who knew?!

He’ll freak out on you when you demonstrate your lack of car-centric knowledge.

How was I supposed to know the red oil can thingy being lit up was bad?

Your summer vacations are planned around the biggest car meets of the season.

Your annual Myrtle Beach vacation will ALWAYS coincide with Mustang Week – NO exceptions.

You will learn a new skill whether you want to or not – or be endlessly hounded until you do.

For some reason, car obsessed guys have an obsession with manual (stick shift) cars and if you don't know how to drive one, you will be forced to learn or never hear the end of it. I will admit I turned down ever learning and now I regret that choice.

Some of his knowledge will eventually sink into your brain.

You may not be able to name every car, but you'll be able to pick out the ones you know he likes when you're out and about. If you REALLY pay attention, you may even be able to give someone the trivia on if the car is an import or domestic!

He’s slightly easier to shop for than a typical male.

If there's not a new Grand Theft Auto game out, get him something branded with his car of choice. If all else fails, gift card to the nearest parts store. Holiday shopping, done.

You will accept that your yard will always look like a scrap yard.

He will never have less than 3 "project" cars in progress at a time. If you're lucky, he'll keep it in the backyard away from your solar lights and lawn décor, but sometimes that just isn't possible and you'll have to learn to deal with it.

Discovery Velocity will have a permanent home in your channel favorites – as #1 if he has it his way.

Think of it as the car version of HGTV or Food Network – its own niche in the expanse that is television.

He will have Tumblr, Instagram, and Pinterest pages dedicated to only following car accounts.

If you're lucky your cute new selfie will pop up between an Evo and race car account so he'll stop and notice it for 2 seconds. Maybe.

Overall, you're in for a crazy ride if you choose to date a car obsessed guy, but in general, it's pretty awesome!

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