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'If She Can't See It, She Can't Be It': Women In Research

A photo series for International Women's Day, that aims to (a) increase representation of women in research and academia, and to (b) demonstrate the wealth of expertise that women offer to the public.

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Vanessa Ayala

Sadhbh Byrne

PhD candidate in Computer Science in UCD. My research work aims to create novel techniques to help organisations to safely share personal data (by protecting the privacy of the individuals) while still preserving the usefulness of the data for analysis.

Nicola Fox Hamilton

Sadhbh Byrne

Doing a PhD in psychology in the University of Wolverhampton. My area is online dating, language and attraction, and personality traits - how we encode them in our dating profiles.

Carla Parra Escartín

Sadhbh Byrne

I research how Machine Translation (MT) impacts on professional translators and other users. My current project focuses on using MT to translate research papers into English. I'm a postdoc at DCU.

Jessica Nolan

Sadhbh Byrne

Final year Psychology student. Interested in the worth of literature in educating children about difference and disability, through a process called 'bibliotherapy' - "to treat with books".

Iseult Cremen

Sadhbh Byrne

Final year PhD candidate in Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, based in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience. Researching coordinated movement training as a way to enhance cognitive function in older adults.

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