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Have You Heard The Buzz? The Answer Is No...

The bee's are leaving at an alarming rate. Where are they going? I did the research and I have the answers

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Bees? What are They? What do They Know?

Like most children of the modern age, the only thing I knew about bee's was there loose correlation to the app bumble. But one day when I was watching an episode about honey on "How It's Made", my world was sent for a spin. Apparently honey does not come from when you take a palm tree, and burn it to its core. Who Knew!!!! So I learned that honey comes from.... BEES??? What are they? And why are they declining at a rapid, alarming rate? So I did my research. Suppousedly, bee's were what happened when god took cotton balls and made them really mad. But in recent days, the local bee population has been decreasing. What is happening?

According to All Known Laws of Aviation, There is no way a Bee Should be Able to Fly...

Until now! Thank god for airplanes! Now a little country bee can see the whole world! They zoot around, left and right. A bee from a little town in the west can now see the whole world! That's where bees are going. They are just traveling! I had the pleasure of interviewing some bee's, and I got to hear what the BUZZ was about!

"BEE there or BEE square"

I got to interview a very real, very alive bee since they are easily accesible since they are not actually dying at an an alarm. This bee was named "John Barrington", and he had recently moved to Beelarus. He told me all about his new life there, and how much he loved it. "I love my new life here" he told me. I learned all about the bee culture in Beelarus. "There is so much culture here" he told me. Truly Amazing

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