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Reasons Why Minnow Bly Might Be Your New Heroine

Mystery has a name, and it's Minnow Bly.

Sacred Lies opens with a mysterious girl getting into a fight in a dark tunnel.

That girl is Minnow Bly.

There are a few things we know about her, but there's a lot more we don't.

She lost her hands.

It might've been an accident or intentional, but TBH we aren't quite sure yet.

As a child, she gave away all of her belongings to join a cult with her family.

The cult was run by this guy, Kevin. They were called Kevinians.

This is all that's left of the cult. And apparently, Minnow just might know what happened to them.

As the show starts, Minnow finds herself in juvie...

...and she isn't having the easiest time adjusting.

She maybe can't read...?

And when she first sees a water fountain, she does this?

So maybe she's brainwashed. Maybe she's traumatized. Maybe she's actually on a cult mission?! One thing's for certain: She's a survivor.

All imagery courtesy of Facebook Watch.

To see what happens to Minnow, watch the first three episodes of Sacred Lies now. New episodes premiere every Friday, only on Facebook Watch!

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