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    Oct 9, 2019

    It-Girl, Ashley Liz Cooper is the October Covergirl for Maxim Mexico

    Ashley Liz Cooper has shown us with her recent appearance on the cover of Maxim Mexico that she is more than just an “Instagram model,” but a true model to say the least.

    While her pictures were stunning, Ashley just can’t seem to shake off the question

    Ashley Liz Cooper / Via Third party

    “What really happened in Dubai?” While she claimed for her arrest inn Dubai to be a “learning experience,” many do not believe that that is the case. When the incident originally happened, Ashley shortly after posted a picture of her with what looked to be ten or more pounds of marijuana around her. She also included a quote from Barack Obama, as well as some screenshotted articles talking about the situation. Even though she claims she was only detained and not in fact, actually arrested, this seems very strange that it would still be getting brought up in reputable news publications such as Maxim.

    Even though she was seen with marijuana that it is unclear whether it was a legal or illegal amount

    Via Third party

    Ashley Liz Cooper seems like she isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With over half a million Instagram followers and pictures doing everything from riding on helicopters, private planes, to getting shot by some of the top photographers in the world… Ashley Liz Cooper is a power player we see to have a major come up by the end of 2019. Not only is her Instagram perfect, but her closet is also to die for! She is constantly doing brand deals with companies like “Fashion Nova,” but always manages to sneak in some designer goods into almost every single picture. Also after analyzing her Instagram, we can not even find her in the same outfit twice! This up and coming it-girl, gone bad is definitely one to keep an eye on! Will she be the one to bring back that crazy early 00’s drama we have been craving in the media lately?

    Besides being detained or arrested in Dubai, the drama doesn’t end there… Many of Ashley’s followers have wondered what it was that originally got her introduced to Paris Hilton.

    Via Third party

    Paris Hilton gave Ashley her big break on the show Hollywood Love Story, which aired on Viceland. While the storyline featured one of Ashley’s friends at the time and not her, Ashley definitely stood out from the crowd. Not only did she have the second-highest number of followers (second to Paris Hilton.) There was something about Ashley that got the viewer's attention and left them following her and wanting more.

    A very similar thing happened this past April, when Ashley went viral in the annual “Who Paid for Your Coachella Ticket?” video. The thing that stuck out about Ashley the most in this video did not only does she buy her own Coachella ticket, she also bought tickets for some of her friends. We love a girl boss and a great friend, who just wants to make sure everyone is having a good time! We think these two reasons, plus the amazing outfits, are the reasons her followers almost doubled around this time! She really stood out from the other people who were taking advantage of their parents and stealing credit cards to get through the coveted Coachella gates.

    Overall, Ashley Liz Cooper does not seem like she is going to slow down anytime soon. With her latest Maxim Mexico cover out

    Via Third party

    It is evident that she will be landing more and more modeling jobs worldwide. She’s gorgeous, a fashion icon in the making and has the following to back it all up. Even though this it-girl might be a little scandalous for some and not your traditional role-model, it seems like she still has a good head on her shoulders and that she has it all figured out. We can’t wait to see what this bad girl next door does next! Knowing her, it could literally be anything.

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