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What Are Your Tips For Staying Motivated With Your Healthy Resolutions?

How's everyone doing one month in?

Ah, the start of a new year. It's a time for reflection and reinvention. For many of us, that means making positive changes to our eating and exercise routines.

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You probably felt invincible during that first week in January. You were pumped, and your body was ready.

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But it can be hard to stay motivated as the excitement around the new year dies down...

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So what do YOU do? We want to hear your tips for staying motivated and on track with your goals past January!

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Maybe the art of bullet journaling your progress keeps you motivated...

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Or you made a pact with a friend who can hold you accountable...

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Maybe you planned an amazing reward to buy yourself with all the money you save from not ordering takeout...

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Maybe documenting all of the beautiful, healthy meals you've made for yourself on Instagram gives you a sense of accomplishment...

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Or maybe you just started leaving your blow-dryer at the gym so you basically have to go.

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Tell us about your best tips and techniques for staying motivated and sticking to your health goals throughout the year.

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Your answer may be featured in an upcoming post on BuzzFeed!