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    29 Delicious Ways To Celebrate National Pie Day

    Consider this your pie-tinerary.

    1. Apple Custard Pie with Cinnamon Streusel

    If apple pie isn't your jam, maybe what you've been missing is a generous helping of custard. Recipe here.

    2. Blueberry Buttermilk Pie

    This modern take on a classic features a chamomile infused cream. Recipe here.

    3. Rustic Cherry Hand Pies

    A convenient way to eat pie on the go. Get the recipe here.

    4. Chocolate Chip Toffee Slab Pie

    Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your life? Get the recipe here.

    5. Easy Banana Cream Pie

    Bananas. Pie. It just makes sense. Get the recipe here.

    6. Adorable Apple Pie Cups

    A healthier way to consume even more pie. Recipe here.

    7. Key Lime Pie

    So sweet and refreshing! Get the recipe here.

    8. Apple Cinnamon Slab Pie

    Ooey gooey perfection. Recipe here.

    9. Savory Chicken Pot Pie

    A reminder that pies are superior because they can be savory too! Recipe here.

    10. French Vanilla Silk Pie

    An alternative to the classic chocolate silk pie. Recipe here.

    11. Millionaire's Pie

    Hey, time is money and this pie takes only five minutes to make. Recipe here.

    12. Blossoming Apple Pie

    A more romantic take on a homey classic. Recipe here.

    13. Bite-Sized Blueberry Hand Pies

    These bad boys have an extra flaky, buttery crust. Recipe here.

    14. Creative Pie Pears

    Almost too cute to eat. Almost. Get the recipe here.

    15. Classic Pecan Pie

    Now that's some southern comfort food. Recipe here.

    16. French Silk Pie

    Pies are so good to us that sometimes we don't even have to bake them. Recipe here.

    17. Grasshopper Ice-Cream Pie

    Who doesn't love mint and chocolate chip? Get the recipe here.

    18. Gluten Free Lemon Meringue Jars

    Because pie in mason jars is a thing now! This recipe uses gluten free graham crackers for the crust. Recipe here.

    19. Comforting Shepherd's Pie

    Fluffy mashed potatoes hide delicious layers of savory beef and vegetables underneath. Recipe here.

    20. Stunning Stonefruit Pie

    Peaches, plums, and apricots, oh my. Recipe here.

    21. Chai-Spice Pumpkin Pie

    Look, pumpkin pie is too good to only be reserved for Thanksgiving. Recipe here.

    22. Delicious Dupe of Momofuku Milk Bar's Crack Pie

    This pie lives up to its name. Recipe here.

    23. Mushroom, Gorgonzola, and Onion Hand Pies

    A pie you could even eat for breakfast. Get the recipe here.

    24. Fig & Plum Pie

    It's like a Fig Newton but WAY better. Recipe here.

    25. Vegan Banoffee Pie

    A lighter take on the British classic with all the familiar flavors. Get the recipe here.

    26. No-Bake Oreo Cream Pie

    A cookies and cream dream. Recipe here.

    27. Maple Bourbon Brown Butter Peach Pie

    That's a mouthful. Literally. Get the recipe here.

    28. Aussie-Style Meat Pies

    It's probably not a coincidence that Australia day is only a few days after pie day. Just sayin'. Get the recipe here.

    29. Strawberry, Rhubarb, and Elderflower Pie

    This pie just gets me. Recipe here.