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RE: BuzzFeed LIFESTYLE WRITER 10 Things You Need For Your Trip To Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s kindhearted people, rich culture and beautiful landscape make it a top contender for vacation destination. Here are a few must-haves you need to pack before embarking on your Central American adventure. Pura Vida!

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3. Visor


When sunscreen isn’t enough, a visor is a great backup. It still allows you to get a little sun without all of that harmful damage to your skin. The great thing about this visor (besides the price) is that it rolls up nicely to fit into your carry-on without getting crushed.

4. First Aid kit


This should be a travel staple in anyone’s luggage, but especially when going someplace tropical. The compact design is small enough to take anywhere, but it also comes with a number of emergency essentials like Band-Aids, ibuprofen and gauze.

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