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12 Distinct Differences Between Friends And Best Friends

A friend might share a chip with you, but a best friend gives you their whole tub of hummus!

1. If friends are amicable humans, best friends are unstable forces of nature.

2. If friends only post your good photos, best friends supplement them with all the bad ones.

3. If friends are patient, best friends are unapologetically annoying.

4. If friends offer to find a helping hand, best friends defy odds to become that helping hand.

5. If friends have a few inside jokes, best friends have an entire library's worth of confusing humor.

6. If friends are talking about food, best friends are stealing that food and delivering it to your mouth.

7. If friends have favorite songs, best friends have choreographed dances to entire albums.

8. If friends dress up together, best friends dress up as each other.

9. If friends make you laugh, best friends make you mad so they can tell a funny to destroy your thunder.

10. If friends give you room, best friends work as hard as they can to rid the world of "personal space."

11. If friends pacify your bad choices, best friends yell and demand you put down the BeDazzler.

12. If friends go off and meet other friends, best friends will be pried from your cold, dead fingers

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