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    Posted on May 30, 2017

    16 Kitchen Items To Up Your Game.

    You may not ACTUALLY beat Bobby Flay but you'll slay as if you did!

    1. Show off all your skills, now you can sous vide like a pro!

    Amazon / Via

    Wifi operated sous vide means you can set it and monitor it on your phone. We know you're going to be busy taking Buzzfeed quizzes. Get it in black with Bluetooth for $145.35 or get it with Bluetooth and Wifi for $199.

    2. Midnight snacks and you don't want to preheat the oven? Get your grub from your mug.

    FredandFriends / Via

    Four mugs with recipes on them for you to just heat up in the microwaves. No pots and pans to clean, just the mug and the fork. Easy! $20 on Fred and Friends, much less than the takeout you were considering.

    3. Bobby Flay might be all about those chilis but you can make your own hot sauce.

    UncommonGoods / Via

    All the things you need to keep it caliente for $35!

    4. Knifes? We don't use knives to slice vegetables! We mandoline!

    Target / Via

    Three settings, three thicknesses. Believe me, this will be a favored gadget. And only $15 at Target

    5. Up your pancake game. Freehand those fancy designs with a crayon.

    PerpetualKid / Via

    An edible work of art! Almost too pretty to eat, but you will. Buy it from PerpetualKid for $7.99.

    6. Why order take out? You can make your own sushi!

    Amazon / Via

    Impress everyone with homemade sushi rolls. The sushi bazooka is only $5.99 on Amazon!

    7. Ever wanted to pretend you were on Guy's Grocery Games? Roll the dice and make your meal.

    Uncommongoods / Via

    You've always wanted to be challenged more. The dice are like the ultimate episode of Chopped. Get it from UncommonGoods for $24.

    8. You're working on your bikini bod, but you still want fried foods.

    Amazon / Via

    Live a little healthier, on Amazon for $80.

    9. Keep herbs fresh with this stainless steel produce keeper.

    UncommonGoods / Via

    You are just gonna throw them in the fridge and leave them to wilt. This way, they'll stay fresher longer and you'll have them ready to be used. From UncommonGoods for $30.

    10. We won't judge you if you make alcoholic popsicles.

    Amazon / Via

    This summer's gonna be hot. You ought to cool down with some fresh made popsicles. Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    11. Get zesty with your grater, which also slices small vegetables.

    Target / Via|adaptpdph1|related_prods_vv|adaptpdph1|50657009|9

    Ginger. Garlic. Lemons. Limes. Just think of all the possibilities. $10 at Target.

    12. Make the ultimate guacamole with this utensils kit.

    UncommonGoods / Via

    A masher, a juicer, herb shears, an avocado 3-in-1 tool. Think of all the other uses you'll have. Buy it now for $40.

    13. Even if you weren't already a tea drinker, this pug teapot would do you in.

    Modcloth / Via

    He'll heat up your hot water, let you rub his tummy and listen to all of your complaints. Plus, you don't have to walk him. Get it at Modcloth for $50

    14. Whether you are making meatballs, or burgers - this meat grinder has your back.

    Target / Via

    For $27, you'll be able to make your own meaty creations. Just wait until the next barbecue!

    15. Because you are a professional, you know that you have to have your travel cooking essentials kit no matter where you go.

    UncommonGoods / Via

    Whether you are going camping or going on a trip, you need your tools! You can choose from a 10 piece set for $35 or a 24 piece set for $50.

    16. Ever wanted to use that knowledge from AP Chemistry? Molecular Gastronomy is where it's at.

    UncommonGoods / Via

    Show off your tricks. And your parents told you not to play with your food! You can get it from UncommonGoods for $49 or $60 with the book.

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