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10 Essential Products For Safe & Easy Travelling

A brief list of 10 useful products and apps to help make your travels safer and easier!

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1. City Maps 2Go Offline Maps - Free

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The City Maps 2Go app is a must for any traveller. User-friendly, reliable and it works offline! Data charges can quickly become a huge expense and prevent you from being able to afford other activities while travelling. Save yourself the time and money, and never get lost again with City Maps 2Go.

You can download the app here.

2. MochiThings Passport Wallet - $26

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MochiThings' passport wallet is inexpensive, good-looking and ideal for safe travelling. Its special film is designed to protect your personal travel information from being read by unauthorized RFID readers.

There are less expensive options as well. Check it out here.

3. Saäk Traveller's Backpack - $150 (or register for a chance to win a free backpack!)

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Saäk is a waterproof, cut-proof and theft-proof traveller's backpack. This product is going on sale in December 2016 and will revolutionize the way travellers feel about the security of their belongings.

You can register for the chance to win a free Saäk backpack here.

4. Tile Item Tracker - $25

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The Tile is a very small Bluetooth tracker and easy-to-use app that will help you find your things in seconds. You can use it to track your keys, wallet, luggage, pretty much anything you want.

Learn more about the tile tracker here.

5. Road Warrior – Universal Travel Adapter

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One of the worst feelings is visiting a wonderful place on the other side of the world, only to find out that your phone died and you can’t charge it – because you didn’t bring the proper equipment. The Road Warrior plug adapter is an inexpensive and convenient solution. It packs an 8-in-1 travel adapter that can be used in most parts of the world.

You can learn more about this product on the Road Warrior website.

Here is a summary of the electrical systems used in most countries of the world.

6. Rolo's Compression Travel Bag - $50

Rolo / Via

The Rolo bag is ideal for packing light. There are plenty of zipper compartments for clothes and toiletries, and it rolls up into a portable, lightweight bag.

Check out their website.

7. Vapur's Collapsable Bottle - $7

Vapur / Via

The Vapur bottle is awesome for travelling because it can be flattened, folded and easily stored. It also has a handy carabiner which is great for attaching to a backpack or luggage.

The Vapur site has a variety of different bottles to choose from - take a look here.

8. MiPow Portable Charger - $50

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If you want to be certain that your mobile phone does not run out of power, the MiPow portable charger is great. Inexpensive, portable and handy in every situation, it also compatible with most devices.

Check out their selection of chargers here.

9. Master Lock - $13

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Travel locks are super important. They can come in handy in more situations than you expect and you should never travel without one. The Master Lock travel locks are great because not only are they affordable and dependable, they are also TSA-accepted.

Check out their variety of locks here.

10. XE Currency App - Free

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XE Currency will answer all of your questions about conversion rates. Best part is that the app works offline as well (based on the most recently refreshed rates).

Download the app here.

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