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Donald Trump Chai Wala VS Arshad Khan Chai Wala... Whose The Best?

Let's compare the internet sensation Arshad Khan AKA Chai Wala (Tea Guy), with Donald Trump. Please don't blame me what I did with Donald Trump's face. :D

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Arshad Khan Chai Wala

View this video on YouTube / Via Lil Mafia Mundeer

You might have heard about the internet sensation Chai Wala (Tea Guy), Arshad Khan. Well his looks were ordinary before one DSLR picture gave perfect results about his face features. His one snap became so viral, that girls were ready to go to meet him and take loads of selfies with him. He is amazing and so he started getting countless modeling opportunities. Not only this, he was taken in a song "Chai Wala" and then in "Beparwahi". He has been called several times in the morning shows. His blue eyes and dashing smile are an evidence that Gilgiti Pakistanis are handsome guys. See for yourself.... Alright so you might have seen his looks in the two videos that I've shared. So you might get to know who Arshad Khan is. Akhir ye konsi bala thi jo internet pe ai aur cheeeeen tha kar k cha gai??? Isn't it a point to ponder?

Beparwai Muskan Jay Ft. Arshad Khan Chai Wala

View this video on YouTube

Serious song... Sorry the song is in Urdu

Arshad Khan Chai Wala in Dhaba

Via Google

Ok so this was the viral snap of Arshad Khan. See what people have done with it already. Ahhh this generation of Photoshop doesn't spare anyone. Just see what I was introduced with, after I realized that Donald Trump can also be a good Chai Wala. So I decided to give this challenge to him. Thanks to Photoshop for letting me do that.

Donald Trump Chai Wala

Saadia Mazhar / Via Photoshop

Donald Uncle, you are cuter than what I could expect. Please keep smiling this way at all White House events. Now tell me, doesn't he look a relative of Arshad Khan? Arshad is a pathan, Donald Trump looks like a pathan. Aren't they relatives?


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