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He Is A Man Of Integrity Who Would Never Give Up To Any Ordeals

Hear me out the story I'm about to tell you needs to be told. I have a friend who has gone through an even drastic transformation from being half paralyzed chest down and obese to magic Mike. The funny thing is that he's crossed paths with men's health Magazine cover man in the past, posing as a model. As you all know, he has been most famous man for perfect body shape to us, Korea as a model and an actor. His parents are educators and he himself was once back in then. But then he ended up joining special forces. Graduated black barret and remained as Sargeant first class for 5 years and joined Iraq and east Timor for war during the time. So at age 26, he is discovered to model. A bit late to start in this field and too short To meet height standards. He's 180cm. Why he makes me proud is because he broke all stereotypes about Asian men being weak looking , lack of muscle mass etc. Reason why he was able to win the cool guy contest organized by men's health Korea in 2007. His pictures were seen in men's health Singapore, Malaysia etc. Soon after he was posing for Jack Pierson in new York and sharing credits with Josh Hartnett. And the innumerable TV commercials along with music videos etc. But this is not it. Not the story I have for you. In may 2014 he was looking forward to pursuing an acting career in Korea. But he suffered a severe car accident. He was unconscious when found by paramedics and after fighting for his life for 12hrs in surgery to put the pieces of his spinal cord back together. Later, he was taken to the IC I remember how devastated he was when he couldn't feel his legs. Actually chest down. Doctors said he will be half paralyzed for the rest of his life. As his friend and knowing what was his life like before I was worried he would do something crazy. He lived at the hospital for 2 years. Popping pain killers here and there. Dealing with ptsd which led to taking even more medication. He felt dead in life seeing himself struggling to perform simple tasks as defecating on his own. He hasn't told me but I heard of few incidences where he soiled his pants and nurses had to clean him up. For a guy who could have had any woman he wanted, the fame and the wealth he enjoyed. That life was his death sentence. He couldn't continue at the hospital and his agent says that she remembers when he called and said he was gonna go home and she went to see him. He took her phone and saved his parents emergency number. And told her to contact them if something happened to him. It seemed like he was giving up on life. Every time she texted him. And didn't get a reply soon she started to worry for the worse. Some time passed and one day he calls her and said he wanted to try one last time. And for exactly 6 months 10hrs a day he performed his rehabilitation exercises and went from wheelchair to walking stick. When he saw how he went against the odds and how doctors couldn't believe their eyes he got motivated and went cold turkey on all the prescriptions.. He can't be the old him. But he can walk and that's a miracle. I don't know how can someone walk around with metal pieces in their spine not to mention he stands on 30% of muscle power from legs. But he is still today trying. He went from 3~5% body fat at 72kgs to 32.7%body fat at 105kgs at the moment he was sick. Now he weighs 72 again with under 10% body fat. Isn't this overcoming death in life. Definitely, he is an inspiration to those folks out there who feel there's no hope for them. He can deliver the tomorrow... the possibilities among impossible. This story needs to be shared.

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