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The Crux Of It All


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Is anyone there? Should I care if someone is there?

I don't know if anyone is reading this, but I now realize that I do not need a following to validate myself. I create these articles to express myself, not to gain attention, so I don't care... well... I shouldn't care, but I do. And that's because the effects of social media are evident in my withdrawal.

Why did I stop using Snapchat and Instagram?

I still use Facebook, btw, but that's because I want to stay updated for any college related things and so I can use messenger for my church events.

But why did I stop using the other apps?

Because of the culture that has sprouted from these apps. They have become toxic, and anything toxic that remains in your system will eventually deteriorate you, especially your mental and emotional health.

Now, I realize that I am still avoiding my argument, so here it goes.

Watch this video: (sorry... I was going to explain, but the Nerdwriter is the one that inspired me to do so and his points are the ones I have adopted- I don't want to say these are my ideas because they originate from him, so please watch)

5/16 - A Lethargic Day

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