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    Ways To Welcome Back Employees After A Pandemic

    Who knew that coming back to your desk at the office would sound like a treat?

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    Now it feels like something bigger: a sign that life is finding its way back to what it was once before, at least somewhat.

    Though your succulent might look a little sadder and the coffee mug you forgot to grab (not realizing this global scare was going to last more than a weekend) has some fuzz in there, everything is pretty much how you left it.

    Transitioning back to your old habits will feel more like a new schedule than returning to a routine. Your team had to adjust to working from home and they may experience some difficulty adjusting back to an office setting.

    To help ease you and your team back into the new/old normal, here are our top ways to welcome them back and make the fresh start a positive experience.

    Ways to Welcome Back Employees After a Pandemic

    Think of how you felt returning to school after summer break. You were excited to see your friends, nervous to see your crush, and feeling antsy about a new schedule. It was a bittersweet mix of anticipation and nerves. Now magnify that by an unprecedented break, a fully not-normal WFH schedule, and genuine concern for the safety of our loved ones.

    That's what it's going to feel like as your team returns to the office, so now more than ever, we are placing importance on a warm welcome. Show them how excited you are to have them back in the office and on the job with KADOO selection of curated gifts!

    Welcome Back Gift Ideas

    More businesses and offices are reopening or preparing to reopen. Social distancing will still be applied in most businesses which will affect the office dynamic with employee safety as their main priority.

    Transitioning back to the old habits will feel more like a new schedule than returning to a routine. After several months working from home, some employees may experience some difficulty adjusting back to an office setting.

    KADOO are here to help any corporation at ease and help your team back into the new normal. Here are our gift selections to welcome your employees back and make their first day returning back to work a positive experience.



    Working from home or back to office, this curation will help start the first work week on a good note. This gift conveys a thoughtful appreciation to any employees or clients. It will also create joy and surprise to your team. Perfect as a New Year gifts.

    Featuring: a linen cover journal for the brilliant mind, roasted ground coffee from the world's oldest blend or a Passion fruit Peach black loose tea, an award winning granola, and truffle sea salt caramels, essentials to start your day on the right track whether you work from home or office desk. Wrapped in our versatile 100% French linen.



    Celebrate those most important to your business with unique gifts. Send your appreciation to your team, employees and colleagues with this hand-picked desk essentials on their first day back at work. A great way to reconnect with your team!

    Featuring: a compact notebook to compile new ideas; a handy desktop notepad to make quick to-do lists; a natural ginger snap cookies, a peppermint chocolate caramels for the afternoon snacks; and a moisturizing hand cleansing gel, a must have on every desk. Wrapped in our versatile 100% stripe French linen.


    KADOO is a female-founded gift box company emphasizing the thoughtfulness in gifting. The two founders, Juanita and Yudhisty, design well-curated gift boxes containing products that focus on artisan-made, sustainable, organic and natural ingredients. We prioritize sourcing from local makers and women-owned businesses.