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    21 Oven Cleaners That Have Disgustingly Satisfying Results

    Food simply tastes better when it's not surrounded by caked grease and grime.

    1. A glass stove top cleaner to take your oven from "ew" to "OMG" using micro-bead technology for an easier scrub that won't damage your pristine appliance with scratches and streaks.

    Reviewer image of before and after of stove with stains and without
    Reviewer holding white bottle of cleaning solution

    The results have astounded reviewers, making this one of those life-changing cleaning products.

    Promising review:  "I thought I’d ruined my electric stove burner forever and would have to get a whole new oven. Had a cooking mishap and accidentally used the scrub-side of sponge on a hot burner — thereby cooking the sponge onto the burner. Oh boy, the chaos that ensued thereafter with the cooking sponge smoke, alarms blaring, dogs barking, people running all over the place. Anyway, after a few days and trying to clean the burner with all sorts of products, nothing worked. I finally found this product and was skeptical, but thought it wasn’t that expensive and if worked, would save my oven. With a little elbow grease the product slowly but surely got all the burnt crust and other prior smaller spills to absolute new perfection. It was amazing to behold like the sun breaking through the clouds after a thunderstorm. OK, maybe not that dramatic, but hey, the relief was the perfect counter to the drama that started this whole ordeal and it ended happily. Buy this product if your electric stove top burners are a mess like mine were." —r.d.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.98.

    2. A deep cleaning set of brushes ideal for lifting that hidden goop that always seem to find a way into the deep crevices of your oven.

    Comes in two sizes with a bristle side and a rubber wiping end for picking up dirt from drains and crevices.  

    This would also pair well with some of our affordable cleaning and organization products.

    Promising review: "Love these! The rubber tip on the small one makes it easy to swab out the gunk you loosen. I thought the rim where my built-in oven is set into the counter was clean, but did I get a shock! I ordered a second set for the bath. I had used toothbrushes for this chore before, but I tossed them all after using these little wonders." —Alice

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    3. A Goo Gone oven and grill cleaner to clean up even the toughest messes using a ~super-cling~ formula including that one cooking incident that left your stove nearly unrecognizable.

    Reviewer image of before and after image of oven with burnt grease and clean outcome
    Yellow bottle on a white background that reads

    Dreaming of an even squeakier clean home? Then check out our things for people who don't know how to deep clean

    Promising review: "For the inside of the oven, oven door, glass oven, oven grates, stove top, and burners, this product is amazing! And there are no toxic fumes nor odor, which is important for me as I have asthma." —D. Wilson

    Get it from Amazon for $17.71.

    4. A tub of The Pink Stuff which reviewers literally use for everything and we mean everything, especially the caked on oil built up from years of pasta dishes you baked (and tossed).

    Reviewer image of oven door before and after product is used on it
    Reviewer image of pink and white container that reads

    As the seasons change, you'll want to use this and our other products to clean all of spring's messes.

    Promising review: "Formerly a professional housecleaner, but just recently came across the Pink Stuff. With a Scrub Daddy or a Scrub Mommy sponge, this stuff seems unstoppable. I attempted to clean burnt on gunk out of the oven, and just a few spots on the bottom seemed like a waste to do that smelly oven clean cycle. I tried all the tricks I knew: baking soda, dawn and vinegar with a scotch bright pad — nope. Non-abrasive cream cleanser — nope. I didn't have any oven cleaner, so I grabbed my Scrub Daddy and this Pink Stuff. NO ELBOW GREASE REQUIRED, gone in two swipes. New go-to for cleaning EVERYTHING." —Adrianimal 

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.

    5. mini-razor oven scraper so you can *finally* look at a glimmering stove instead of one caked with those burnt food pieces even your toughest sponge can't pick up.

    Reviewer image of before and after stove dirty and clean
    Reviewer image of large and small razor scraper on black table

    Promising review: "I accidentally dropped a microfiber cloth on the inside of my very hot oven, it started smoking, and needless to say, left residue stuck on the inside of it. Of course it would not wipe off even after the oven had cooled down, so I ordered this set of scraping tools because it came with two lengths and I needed the long handled one for this job. It worked beautifully cleaning off the residue and I can use my oven again! Great item!" —Sharlynn Hofmann

    Get it from Amazon for $16.

    6. A container of microwave and oven wipes you can ditch the sprays and sponges for since just a wipe can pick up most grease stains and built up film.

    Model wiping oven next to container of open cleaning wipes

    This could arguably be one of those powerful cleaning products that actually work.

    Promising review: "We moved into a new apartment that the last tenants TRASHED. I was mortified by the fridge and sink, and most importantly, the oven/stove. There were charred layers of grease and food as if no one had cleaned it in a year. Within 30-40 minutes, the stove and oven was super clean. These products work better than the degreaser at my work. I plan on buying more, it works wonders!" —Cory Ray-Hurst

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97.

    7. An oven cleaning kit designed with all-natural ingredients that includes a sponge, oven paste, and all-purpose spray, which minimalists will *surely* appreciate since it will help declutter your cleaning cupboard.

    Stainless steel scrubber next to two cleaning solutions on a white background

    Everneat is a small family-owned shop on Etsy located in Fairfield, Connecticut, that specializes in microfiber cloths and 100% all natural cleaning products.

    Promising review: "The last time my oven was this clean was the day I bought it. I can see through the glass again! And it took me like 15 minutes to take it from grimy and gross to shiny and new! Amazing!!!" —yvonne merlotti

    Get it from Everneat on Etsy for $27.99+ (available in plastic or glass jar).

    8. A multipurpose scrub sponge featuring a soft side and a scouring pad for tougher messes. And the best part? It's machine washable, so you can reuse it once it gets a little stinky.

    Promising review: "I bought this pack of scrub sponges to tackle a very dirty oven, and I was not disappointed. They were sturdy enough to handle the grease and dirt in the oven, and the other side is gentle enough to work on my everyday dishes. The sponge that I used to scrub on the oven over several days is still going strong. There are no holes, there is no shedding, etc. Great, sturdy sponges for tough kitchen messes." —J. Baugher

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99 (available in two sizes).

    9. An oven cleaner spray because as much as you may love cooking you *don't* like the mess it leaves, but that's behind you now since this literally only needs to sit for five minutes before you ~magically~ wipe it all away.

    Yellow spray bottle with cap off that reads
    Model spraying product on interior of oven

    Promising review: "My oven was HORRIBLE, and in the past, I've always used Easy Off oven cleaner. After not being able to find that brand anywhere in my local stores and on Amazon, I decided to try this brand. It worked PERFECTLY! Because my oven was SO bad, I applied a thick lining of the solution ALL over the inside (even the racks) and let it set a little longer than overnight. I was amazed at how easily the burnt, yucky stuff came off with just a warm dish cloth. NO scrubbing was required. My only word of caution is that the fumes will totally choke you out, so follow the directions and wear a good mask (or hold your breath LOL) while spraying it!" —Candice Guilliams

    Get it from Amazon for $15.

    10. A washable kitchen sponge that's soft on dishes but tough enough to get out that one crusted over spot you previously ~attempted~ to scratch, claw, and spritz it away.

    Cream cloth standing in front of wooden background, cloths laying on top of table
    Juniperseed Mercantile/Etsy

    Juniperseed Mercantile is a small woman-owned Etsy shop located in Littleton, Colorado, that makes eco-friendly goods for the home, body, and babies.

    Promising review: "Works very well as a normal kitchen sponge (works up a good lather and dries quickly) as well as a kitchen utility sponge (counters, stove, etc). Has a decent amount of scrub to it due to the texture of the cloth." —Elizabeth Czyzewski

    Get it from Juniperseed Mercantile on Etsy for $15.

    11. cookware and oven cleaner you won't have to race to wash your hands after using since it's made with biodegradable and non-toxic materials.

    Reviewer image of oven door with grime and clean
    Blue container that reads

    Can also be used on glass, ceramic surfaces, stainless steel.

    Promising review: "This stuff is great! I'd never heard of it until seeing it here and reading all the positive reviews. It took off baked on mess in our oven easily. I have procrastinated on cleaning (partly because I hate cleaning ovens), and partly because I thought it would be a big job. This really made it easier. Now, I have no excuse for not cleaning it up more often :) I also used it on some moldy corners in our standup shower and with just a nylon scrubbie, the stuff came off in no time. It doesn't take much to do the job, either. I may just find some other things it works on, too. If so, I will update. I'm not usually one to get excited about a cleaning product, but this is one I can be!" —Meld

    Get it from Amazon for $9.07.

    12. A Safely universal cleaner powerful enough to go from wiping down counters to lifting the built up grime from a weeks worth of cooking. Plus, reviewers can't get enough of the refreshing scent it leaves.

    Green spray bottle with suds on the bottom next to two sponges

    Promising review: "Cleaning used to be a chore, now I feel like a dancing, fairy princess who enjoys spritzing countertops and surfaces with the universal cleaner! It truly does smell amazing! Makes my whole place smell welcoming and clean! Like sunshine and lemons!" —arielle g.

    Get it from Safely for $6.

    13. A set of cooktop cleaning pads for *gently* reviving your stove top back to the crystal-clear finish it had when you first got it — yes, it's actually possible! 

    Reviewer image of before and after of dirty stovetop and clean stovetop
    Reviewer image of product on top of stove

    Promising review: "Oh My Gawd! This stuff is truly a miracle! I bought a new glass stove top oven in March. Even though I was trying to keep it clean, the glass top had become horribly stained with burned on mess. This scrub was delivered tonight and I thought what the heck let me see if this is gonna work. Work? Oh my gawd my glass stove top looks brand new! BRAND NEW! Every single burned on stain is gone and it’s super shiny. Unbelievable!" —dsaunar

    Get it from Amazon for $9.68.

    14. A degreasing oven cleaner that'll have your stove shining ~bright like a diamond~ by degreasing the area so you won't have to quickly shuffle any guests away from your kitchen to avoid explaining what that mess is.

    Promising review: "My oven and stove were completely disgusting and this stuff took off everything. It didn't smell and it wasn't greasy. It took everything off my stove and oven it works amazingly. It didn't take a lot to clean, so I will have it for a long time which is nice. It didn't take a whole bottle to clean my stove and oven. I also used it to get grease that splattered on my cabinets, and it didn't make my cabinets look bad. So, I will definitely be buying this again." —Danielle Embree

    Get it from Amazon for $4.49.

    15. A chemical-free oven cleaner because it doesn't have to take noxious fumes and harsh chemicals to get the clean results you want. Plus, the smell it leaves behind makes it even more worth using.

    Bottle of pink cleaning solution in front of model cleaning counter
    Cloth + Bristle

    Cloth + Bristle is a woman-owned small business that specializes in creating all-natural and non-toxic cleaning products that are gentle on surfaces, and safe for kids.

    Promising review: "This stuff is pure magic! It got rid of the rust in my bathroom sink, cleaned my mirrors without streaks, and somehow removed the grease from my oven! I have no words that can describe this cleaner other than magic in a bottle! A little goes a long way and I love that I can feel safe using this around my kids and dog too." —Mandi

    Get it from Cloth + Bristle for $15.95.

    16. A set of kitchen cleaning brushes you'll immediately want to add to your tidying-up arsenal as it comes with a variety of scrubbers grease and old food will be no match for.

    The pack includes four different brushes and scrubs featuring tough bristles.

    Promising review: "I am so pleased with this brush set! The brushes are sturdy and easy to hold. Great for reaching the bottom of glassware, scrubbing pots and pans, and removing tough stains from bakeware and countertops. There is even a flexible brush tough enough to handle my stove-top and my air-fryer grills! Definitely ordering a second set for my bathroom!" —Linda H.

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99.