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Are You Rylee, Alex, Or Jacqueline?

Basically you're a mess no matter which answer you receive.

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  1. When did you lose your virginity?

    It depends how you define virginity...
    to be determined...
  2. How do you react when you see a dog?

    ew leave me alone
  3. Who do you hangout with the most?

    Teachers and adults!
    Friends / significant other!
    My bed!
  4. Who are you from the Wizard of Oz?

    The Scarecrow
    The Lion
    The Tin Man
  5. Who are you from Hannah Montana?

    Hannah Montana
    Lily Stewart (the best friend)
    Jackson (the brother)
  6. What do you do at a party?

    sit in a massage chair and cry about mtv
    freak out because you're the host who lost everyone's car keys
    do drugs and hook up with someone from Tinder
  7. Which Cheerio from Glee are you? (woah throwback)

  8. How do you get drunk?

    Beer, and lots of it!
    Vodka and shots all the way!
    uhhh I smoke marijuana ...
  9. What are you most likely to get arrested for?

    drunkenly crying and fighting with a cop
    what won't I get arrested for ...
    public indecency
  10. What kind of driver are you?

    a good and safe one
    a fast and angry one
    a high distracted one
  11. What do you normally wear?

    um normal clothes I guess ?
    all oversized men's clothes I stole
    anything and everything black
  12. What kind of music do you listen to?

    pop / alternative
    anything depressing
  13. What are you most likely to spend money on?

  14. How likely are you to hook up with someone at a party?

    without a doubt or the tears are coming
    if it feels right or I'm desperate enough
    not one if I tried /:
  15. Who's the worst person you've hooked up with?

    my friends' exes
    my ex's friends
    I actually have boundaries
  16. What is your favorite type of shoe?

    cheetah print flip-flops (only shoes I can find)
    clogs or crocs (practical and comfy alright)
    something cute to match my outfit!
  17. What is your go-to accessory?

    a waterproof digital watch
    70's pedophile glasses
    a joint
  18. What is the most trouble you've gotten in?

    suspended from school
    banned from stores
    turned an essay in late
  19. How often do you pee your pants?

    on the rare occasion
    um I don't ...
    I need adult diapers
  20. Are you more likely to ...

    have a significant other currently
    date someone of the same gender
    not have been in a relationship or 6 years and counting
  21. What are you most likely to do while eating food?

    eat normally
    spill almost everything on yourself
    make sex noises while eating

Are You Rylee, Alex, Or Jacqueline?

You got: Rylee

Yikes... Although you may be a bit heartless, at least you have alcohol and your bed as company. You may make the most questionable decisions, but you are still somehow the most responsible. You're especially basic and clearly a millennial, but you're probably the most likely to go places in this world!

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You got: Alex

Congrats on being the most normal of the three! You might be the most emotional, and you are often found crying about various things. Your love for country music and beer is very distinct. You have VERY questionable taste in shoes and accessories, but you are somehow still the one to find love.

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You got: Jacqueline

Congrats you're a sad and lonely individual. Your only true love in life is a little thing called marijuana. You spend most of your time with people at least 10 years older than you or with your best friend, cannabis. Despite being a bit of an airhead, you're the most caring and loving of the three.

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