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8 Reasons RadioFrequency Identification Chips Are Beneficial

RadioFrequency Identification chips (RFID) are something that the government has planned to implant humans with. Today if you look at your credit card and go to stores, you may have a chip that you have to use on your card in order to pay. The government wants to take the same type of chip and implant it in you. Though some people may think it will bring harm, it may also be beneficial in today's world. Here are 8 reasons why!

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1. Identify Yourself


RFID chips use electromagnetic fields which has the ability to track anything it is attached to, with the extra ability to store information. Propose having all your information such as, your social security and other important identification qualities stored in a very secure cloud; instead of your wallet which is always on the verge of being stolen. RFID chips have two different settings, active (emits signals powered using a built-in battery) and passive (Uses energy from the person to activate circuits).

2. Replacing Your Money !


No longer will you have to worry about keeping track of your wallet, and losing your cards and having to go through the intensive amount of time canceling them. With the RFID chip, the chip plays the role of all currency for you. Having Radio Frequency Identification chips creates an idea that the chip can play the role of credit cards. Also, it will create less chaos and worries that your credit card can be counterfeited without your knowledge until you choose to look at your statement. RFID today play an important role in credit cards to prevent and reduce the number of counterfeited cards.

3. Chipping Babies


Research has shown that scientist wants to put RFID chips in babies soon they are born. With the help of Radio Frequency Identification chips, the number of newborns that either become missing or mixed up are lowered. There are some numbers of 28,000 babies that usually gets mixed up in hospitals each year. Amongst having babies possibly leaving home with the wrong parents, the problem of babies getting kidnapped/abducted is also a big problem. The tag serves multiple purposes, especially with the help of infant abductions, thousands of children are kidnapped per year with the help the government would have better tools at tracking kidnapped children.

4. Chipping the Elder

It is not unusual for an elder to go missing or run away from homes; with the chip, we’ll be eligible to tell if they are safe, alive, and possible where they ran to. The chip helps find information about on if someone is safe with their permission easier and will give the caregivers better peace of mind. With the help of RFID chips, today you may see commercials about wearable technology as life-alert, which alerts when a patient may fall or if they are unconscious, the RFID chips can help alert people and help the helpless.

5. Mobile your Health


Today if you go to the doctor, you must wait for the nurse to go through a bookshelf of files, find your name, and finally pull out your file. With mobile health, the doctor will easy be able to find your document and your records. Also, let’s propose that you want to go to another hospital, and you are not as sure about your records. With mobile health, your records would be able to be accessed by other hospitals. Sensors and wearable technology are also advances in technology with medicine that helps today’s society. Smart sensors are being helpful today, which have bandages that may detect when a cut may become infected.

6. Criminal Management

The government is using the chips as a way of cyber warfare that will possibly end all types of dangerous trafficking today. With the chip the government would have better access to ending human trafficking, the selling of humans on the black market or even possibly drug trafficking. Hospitals staff can sometimes have tough times detecting sex trafficking and getting the help that is needed. With the help of RFID chips, missing person’s reports are no longer needed to be seen by each person and being reported hours after when that person is still in danger. With the help of the RFID chips, hospitals will have the ability to see if this person is missing which also links with that person’s medical records.

7. We're all in this together

Transhumanism which is the theory that humans can evolve beyond their physical and mental boundaries. RFID chips allows the government has the goal that as humans we’ll be able to have greater capabilities than current humans have today. The increasing of abilities that are given to humans with RFID tags are stronger compared to now. Creating a transhumanist world could also take the dynamic steps that could increase the possible will to survive longer than present-humans. Creating an equal world will eliminate the idea that one group is better than another group, because they can do something special.

8. Checkout

With the replacement of barcodes, common stores do not have to worry about ordering and inventory, because the tags give a very system at keeping track of inventory than the regular barcodes do now. Today stores use what is called 1D barcode scanners, when using a 1D scanner if the barcode is unreadable than that barcode is not eligible to be scanned. The use of RFID chips will create a 2D barcode scanner, which is if a normal barcode is not readable than that scanner will use an image identifying software which can notice the features of that item. In thoughts if you were buying something as a Coke and that barcode is unreadable than the scanner will pick up on the color and the shape of the can, and will be able to tell that it is a coke

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