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You Won't Believe Who Is About To Release New Music

Cow Belles wasn't their closing curtain! Aly and AJ are back and ready to dominate pop music.

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That's right. Aly and AJ are in the studio again!

Their last album, Insomniatic, was released in 2007 and gave us iconic bops such as Potential Breakup Song, Like Woah, and Chemicals React

Since 2007 the twins have released a single as 78violet in 2013 and have recently been spotted in movies and television with Aly on iZombie and AJ on The Goldbergs


It seems fans of the long "dead" sisters (their words not mine) are ready for some new potential breakup songs

@alyandaj Now I need not to forget how to breathe and to live these 11 weeks that are going to be SOOOOO long. #AlyAndAJAreBack #NewMusic

I'm so excited you guys have no idea. Iconic-stunning-multi-talented-sisters @alyandaj to COME BACK on April 28th 2017. #NEWMUSIC☇💕

Aly and AJ are already beginning to promo their upcoming music with interviews catching their fans up on where they've been since 2007.


The girls look stunning and all grown up!

Talked about music & did a lil You Tube video with these hotties today.... @AustinRhodes & @AaronRhodes

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