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NY Artist Dre Da Giant Makes A Giant Debut With “Drunk Dial”

New York is known for breeding some of the best artists of all time. Dre Da Giant is one such artist on the rise and about to be huge, or better yet, a giant! Dre Da Giant has a flow as smooth as butter and his style can be compared to some of the hip hop greats such as Kayne West, Pharrell, and Kid Cudi. This new single, “Drunk Dial” tells a deep story about love and loss. This unapologetic apology is sure to hit home with anyone who's been through tough times in a relationship. The production behind this track is also on point and similar to something you might hear from Travis Scott. These lyrics speak to those who can find the right words to say when it really matters. Dre had this to say when asked about his inspiration for the song, "Drunk Dial fits into a larger narrative of a roller coaster relationship.” Dre Da Giant said about his new single. “It's actually the darkest and most vulnerable part. It's the part you regret. My goal behind the record was to capture that moment that so many of us have experienced. There's definitely some desperation, and my emotions are worn on my sleeves." But we all know that who you are as a person is highly influenced by your surroundings. Dre Da Giant is from Long Island, NY, and has leaned on music as his medium of expression. He stepped into the industry during his college years when he landed an internship with both Def Jam, and Republic Records, which enhanced his passion for music even deeper. After interning, he decided to link up with some college friends where he started producing music and making beats. His production would later find its way onto HipHopDx, and Now Dre Da Giant is stepping behind the mic to share his experiences, with the goal of bringing the listener into the future, with his spacey sound and unorthodox melodies. You better keep your ears peeled for this superstar in the making because the bigger they are the harder they fall, But in Dre Da Giants case the bigger he is the harder he flows.

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Dre Da Giant

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