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Accomplishing The Impossible And Creating A Legacy: An Interview With Inspired Living 101 Founder Fru Louisg A Legacy And Accomplishing

Fru Louis Nde is the founder of Threelly, InspiredLiving101, DataNinjas, and many other creative endeavors that spread knowledge those who are hungry for it.

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Inspired Living 101 with Fru Louis Nde

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Why did you start inspired living?

I came from Africa where I didn’t have much. My family was living on less than $5 a day and everyday was a struggle. When I came to America, it was truly the land of opportunity for me. I didn’t have many resources at my disposal, but I quickly learned that knowledge is the best resource anyone can have.

When people have more knowledge, a lot of problems can be solved, poverty can be reduced, hunger can be reduced, happiness can be increased, relationships can be more solid, life can be overall improved, and love can be more meaningful. I started Inspired Living 101 to spread and promote that knowledge.


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What are 3 inspiring things you learned over the course of your career?

It’s not how high up on the ladder you are that makes your life an inspiring one, it’s how you do it. Many people get jobs just because they want a paycheck. They just want to function, do the minimum they can do, and simply exist. You can be a janitor and live an inspiring life if you do your job in such a way that inspires others. I would rather be an inspired janitor than a CEO who has no passion or commitment in his life. That is one of the first things that I learned: that it doesn’t matter what your role it, it’s how you do it that inspires.

The second one is you can have a great story and amazing content, but you still need sales skills in order to get that story into the hands and heads of the right people. When you publish something, people judge you on what you do. it’s easy to create something beautiful and never show it to anyone, but then it’s worthless. Many people fear judgement when they publish something. They fear that other people will hate this thing they spent so much time creating, but only through constructive criticism can we improve ourselves and our creations.

The third one is that there are a lot of distractions and noise out there. There are a lot of marketing gimmicks and pitfalls you can fall into. The internet is littered with them. At the end of the day, it’s only your legacy that matters. If you’re not doing something meaningful, ask yourself why you are doing it at all. Your business flows into who you are.

Your character follows you everywhere, and that’s part of your legacy.

The goal is the keep it concrete and consistent. If you don’t want to be a person who lies and cheats and steals, don’t do that in your business. If you want to be a person who helps to save the planet, don’t get into a business that destroys the environment.


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What are three things that inspire you to keep going every day?

A lot of things inspire me each and every day. When I wake up, I look at the pictures of my family and see how much they struggled to give me opportunities, and that is very inspiring.

The same thing when I look at people throughout history. When I look at all of the things other people have achieved in the face of adversity, that is very inspiring. People like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are people like you and I so there is nothing they did that we cannot do.

Lastly, When I think of the future and all of the possibilities – that we can go places no one else has been and do things that no one else has done, and that I can help be a part of that – that is truly inspiring.

Inspire a LEGACY.

How have you inspired people in your life?

Through my own passion for reading, I have inspired many people who normally wouldn’t read to pick up a book. My goal is to get even more people to start reading, and knowledge is my tool to accomplish this.

What made you start the impossible list?

Living without aspirations is boring, and the impossible list is the ultimate list of aspirations. Every time I look at it, I am inspired to knock something off of the list. I will pick something off of the list, then work towards it until I’ve achieved the impossible. It just makes life more fun.

Remember: Life is too short to be ordinary. Live and Inspired Life!

Live FULLY. Love DEEPLY. Inspire a LEGACY.

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